Daniel Libeskind and Gruppo Cosentino for a permanent installation clad with the Dekton® ultracompact surface

The collaboration between Daniel Libeskind and Gruppo Cosentino has led to the permanent installation Beyond The Wall, made with the ultracompact Dekton® surface. Already shown in a temporary version during Design Week 2013 at the State University of Milan, as part of the event Interni Hybrid Architecture&Design, it now becomes a permanent installation at the headquarters of the company in Almeria (Spain). Made with the Zenith and Domoos tones of the Solid collection, in large sheets, Beyond The Wall is based on the infinite possibilities of a spiral, to make a single structure, the first created using only Dekton® by Cosentino. It is not a traditional spiral with a single center and axis, but one that opens up in multiple directions along different trajectories; a polycentric spiral that unwinds to its end. Dekton® by Cosentino is a material that creates a new, original range of surfaces with the exclusive TSP technology developed by the Research and Development division of Gruppo Cosentino. Dekton® surfaces have outstanding technical properties, such as very low porosity, high resistance to scratching and abrasion, while offering multiple decorative finishes over the entire volume, infinite design possibilities and resistance to UV rays and extreme temperatures. Dekton® permits application of large formats in both indoor and outdoor situations. Info: www.cosentinogroup.net