Op atmospheres for a clothing store in Tehran. Antolini Black Horse granite covers the interiors of a retail facility, revealing the material’s unusual decorative potential

Antolini offers clients from all over the world the ideal materials with which to furnish not only homes but also hotels, restaurants, flagship stores or luxurious retail facilities in an exclusive, refined way. As in the case of a clothing store in Tehran, whose interiors are enhanced by Antolini’s Black Horse natural stone.

This is an elegant granite with a two-tone pattern of black and white; the forceful aesthetic impact lies precisely in this contrast of hues and the dynamic structure of the natural stone itself.

Black Horse is utilized here as a surface with an optical effect, for the floors and the lateral walls of the store: along the floor, the material is applied in open-grain Maltese cross and diamond motifs, thanks to skillful installation that brings out the aesthetic and decorative potential.

The stairway leading to the mezzanine reveals the precious patterns of the granite, in this case emphasizing the unique quality of the grain and the marbling. The fixtures and accessories of the store match the colors of the stone: cabinets, shelves and display cases with simple lines bring out the variegated image of Black Horse. The space is completed by almost invisible glass balustrades and linear elements, like the borders and handrails in bronze, defining its overall geometry.