Ariostea expands its Ultra Marmi collection of large slabs with Bianco Statuario, based on the image of one of Italy’s finest and most elegant marble varieties

The gray veins in different sizes cross and mingle on the white, crystalline background, generating refined contrasts that make this marble a timeless classic.

The product combines the high performance of stoneware with a graphic effect of varied surfaces to create a sense of movement and the unpredictable variety of natural marble.

Ready to respond to the needs of any architectural style or context of use, Bianco Statuario by Ariostea also offers the possibility of adapting to specific project needs such as the creation of kitchen worktops, sinks, panels, tables, doors and custom furnishings. With a thickness of just 6 mm, it comes in different formats, from the original 300x150 cm to 75x37.5 cm, in the Shiny Polished and Soft finishes.