Apparel design for smart mobility is this year’s theme

The workshop for talents that combines the design expertise of BMW Group DesignworksUSA with the experience and creativity of Italian companies is now in its second edition. The partner for 2014 is Napapijri. The theme is “Apparel design for smart mobility”: the idea is to challenge designers to find clothing solutions that interface with today’s intermodal approach to sustainable mobility. To invent and create garments that make it possible to move in a multifunctional way, passing from a car to public transport, from a bicycle to walking, in perfect thermal and stylistic comfort. Six talents will take part in this edition of the BMW Creative Lab: Serena Bonomi (Italy) of IED Milan, Alfredo Carreno (Mexico) of Domus Academy, Emmanuel Zonta (Uganda-Italy), Francesca Pievani (Italy), Uros Krstic (Serbia), Alice Alfaroli (Italy), all four from the Milan Polytechnic. The result of the creative process should address the Napapijri world of fashion and the BMW approach to mobility, with products that convincingly translate the values of the two brands into surprising design solutions. Products that belong to the category of fashion and accessories in the wider sense of the terms (garments, boots, watches, etc).