For the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Cuban capital, the company brings new life to the works of architecture of the city

In 2017, thanks to joint efforts of the Cuban Embassy in Italy, the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Industry of Cuba and ProCuba (the agency for foreign investment in Cuba), a collaboration began between Boero and Vitral, the Cuban state-owned company that produces paints and coatings. Since then, the Italian company has supported local business with the aim of improving production capacity, flows, safety and development of new coating products.

This collaboration has now been reinforced thanks to the shared object of restoring the facades of historic buildings and giving them new life in the year of the capital’s 500th anniversary. The cooperation between Boero and Cuba also involves a focus on education: the experts of Boero have already conducted over 200 hours of practical courses to train Vitral personnel, permitting local workmen to improve their professional skills and practices by applying the most advanced techniques.

Starting in February 2019, about 120 containers have reached Cuba from Genoa, containing the necessary raw materials, semi-finished products and equipment for the production staff, and packaging for the La Habana 500 – Boero – Vitral personalized coatings.

The project of chromatic renovation of the Cuban capital, launched at the start of the year and continuing in 2020, has already led to the repainting of the most famous “avenidas” like Paseo, 10 de Octubre, Presidentes and Galliano. The latter, always known as “Avenida Italia,” will be the site of an important event on Italian culture and cuisine, from 5 to 9 November.

As many as 3000 painters and technicians will arrive from all over the island to take part in this unprecedented initiative that brings lively new colors to this unique city. The choice of hues has been done in collaboration with Vitral: 19 colors have been selected for enamels and quartz-based finishes. The supply for Havana of over 3.5 million liters (with the potential to paint over 3000 buildings) is a decisive step in the international growth of Gruppo Boero.