Andrea Branzi's (simple but) conceptual poetics is confronted with furnishings and everyday objects exhibited: a contamination of signs and experiences is staged. In direct dialogue with the city of Milan

Pianca & Partners, via Porta Tenaglia, 7N3, Milan

February 25 - April 30, 2021

Pianca & Partners, platform dedicated to the world of contract promoted by Pianca together with 26 brands in the furniture and construction industry, it inaugurates the program of cultural initiatives in collaboration with the gallery Antonia Jannone Disegni di Architettura presenting a selection of works by Andrea Branzi.

La nuova stanza (The new room) is a happy, very vital room, where design is not born from new technologies, but from a different energy, full of vitality and surprises, the bearer of serene happiness” explain Andrea Branzi. “The puppets, the music, the ceramics, the maquettes, the lamps, the plexiglass shine as if they had just been reborn, like when we inaugurate a new house”.

In a walled and hard Milan, between Porta Tenaglia and via Legnano, the large windows are bright as if new music bounced between one note and another. As after the great plagues, the world is renewed and like little convalescents we go back to looking at our puppets with a different light and color... This infantile and (perhaps) temporary Renaissance” concludes Branzi “is the premise for different rooms, in which everything mixes, design with toys, culture with surprises, art galleries with showrooms…”.

In dialogue with space, Andrea Branzi's selection of works collects different eras and moments of his research, both cultured and poetic. The unprecedented location of the solo exhibition, between furnishings, accessories and objects displayed in the showroom, brings to the stage a contamination of signs and experiences capable of giving the public a new meaning in the relationship between works and context. Inside and outside the space, in direct dialogue with the city.

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Archetipi, Portali, Buratti, Marmi caldi, Lampade sorelle, Pinocchio: Branzi's is a world populated by objects, sculptures and drawings that invite simplicity and kindness. Natural materials such as iron, stone, marble, ceramic, fabric tell the profound and delicate design thought of one of the most important masters of Italian design.

Concepts, thoughts, drawings and objects of pure research are confronted with serial elements, not unlike those that will welcome them in homes, offices and other public and private spaces.

This is the sense of an unusual location for an exhibition of this depth: to present the works by inserting them in a natural dialogue with the elements that belong to everyday life, in order to better manifest the meaning and power of those thoughts and conceptual representations.

The Andrea Branzi exhibition is the first sign of Pianca & Partners' will to take non-commercial paths in building an epicenter of relationships around the culture of the project.

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