The poetic installation based on the concept of air, by Nendo for Daikin

Flowers floating in a pure, pale, at times disorienting space, surrounded by a gentle breeze of lights and shadows.

This was the sensation conveyed by the evocative installation created by the studio Nendo helmed by Oki Sato, produced with Daikin, the multinational company of reference for climate control, heating and cooling systems, during the FuoriSalone 2019 at the Tenoha Milano space.


Breeze of Light was based on the concept of air, an essential element for human life and part of the core business of Daikin.

Since air is invisible it is not perceived by people, who often take its presence for granted. The event offered a way of visualizing air, ‘materializing’ it in an absorbing sensorial experience.


To make the existence of air more perceptible” Nendo"

Each stylized flower was placed in a precise position at a given height, to create a sort and apparently boundless landscape thanks to the movement of lights and shadows. In a virtual garden lit by 115 spots that projected light onto 17,000 polarized films in the form of flowers, visitors had the sensation of being caressed by a gentle, comfortable breeze of light.