Brera Eyewear is the new designer eyewear brand. The first collection was born from the drawings of the Master Alessandro Mendini

Brera Eyewear is the new brand created to combine the culture of design and the world of eyewear, the first filter between man and the world. A container of research and innovation in which the thoughts of designers, artists and architects reveal their nature in contrast with the ephemeral fashions of the moment.

Always a symbol of the Milan of art and design, the Brera district is at the center of the brand's vision with the aim of creating synergistic connections between designers called to collaborate with the brand and people who love design.

Brera Eyewear was born from an intuition of Sergio Boroni. With the mission of transforming eyewear from a simple accessory into a design object, the artistic direction was entrusted to the Ctrlzak studio which stands out for its hybrid and interdisciplinary approach that integrates art and design by operating at a deeper cognitive level than just aesthetics.

The goal is to intertwine simple and immediate functionality, that of eye protection, with the distinctive style of a creative object, to show off and preserve, made thanks to specialized skills.

The first eyewear collection was born from the  unmistakable – designs of Alessandro Mendini. Declined in three patterns, it was developed by Alex Mocika, historical collaborator of Atelier Mendi. In the coming months the Brera Eyewear line signed by Studio Fuksas.

With rational shapes and bright colors typical of Mendini's style, the glasses with the Bau texture reinterprets the retro shape of round glasses in a casual and ironic key. Edgy and dynamic geometries dominate the (optical) Zebra model. Finally, in Bridge, the round shape is proposed in a total black version lit by the red or yellow central bridge.


Alessandro Mendini used to work by drawing: every day, without interruption.

In his life he designed a great variety of objects, small and large, useful and less useful, normal and wonderful, often poetic. When he drew a pair of glasses on a character's face, or placed on a bedside table, he always represented them in the same way: round, two small circles. Maybe it was his way of representing glasses in a universal way as if they were the very essence of his shape or maybe it was just a coincidence.

The glasses designed by Alessandro Mendini for Brera can now be worn and who knows, perhaps recognize yourself: a little architect, a little designer, a little harlequin. Certainly a bit of a poet.