Presented at Spazio Arena Listone Giordano, the innovative collection envisioned by Danilo Premoli, involving eight design protagonists

A return to the past, but projected into the future. This is how we might sum up the innovative Q-Bricks Design collection created by Danilo Premoli, which introduces the world of “bricks” in the universe of decor and design.

The Q-Bricks, besides being Lego-compatible, are used to create objects by well-known designers (a special piece in each composition bears the name of its maker). From the tray to the fruit stand, vases and accessories designed by Luigi Baroli (Portofino trays and stands), Anna Barbara (the Les Troix Margots trays), Borromeodesilva (Arena fruit stand), Carlo Dal Bianco (six Our Icons panels), Carlo Martino (six Our Icons panels), Francesca Valan (Holy Bricks icons), Stefano Tartarini (Summer Break accessories) and Danilo Premoli (Mutante vase).

With the registered trademark Q-Bricks Design, the brand addresses lovers of Legosophy: a few basic pieces, sturdy and precise, to leave room for creative imagination. Perfect for vintage buffs who reject the current market trend towards complex constructions that utilize many special pieces.

Architecture studios also choose this type of product to make strong, realistic models, also thanks to the vast range of colors. An adult audience, but without forgetting the people for whom these bricks were first created: kids.