Galleria Scoglio di Quarto - Via Scoglio di Quarto 4 - Milan Until 28 June 2019 Curated by Francesco Pagliari

The research of Bruno Missieri ventures into territories of poetic expression, representing fluid sensations and visions that take their cue from nature, interpreted in an abstract way through signs, colors and fields to generated evocative images.

Luminous, stylized geometric textures become expressive ways to investigate landscape and nature, accentuating foundations or ethereal oppositions of color-surface, form, elementary parts.

The poetic exercise generates an ethereal material that unfolds in composite ‘landscapes,’ between direct observation of nature and the artifice of composition.

Forests, plants, shrubs, leaves: the nuclei of nature are slowly purified of their individual features and transformed into element that trace progressions, distances, shadows.

(Excerpted from the text Poetico Quotidiano by Francesco Pagliari)

At Galleria Scoglio di Quarto in Milan.