The interior design of the Neso 2 cocktail bar in Paris is the result of collaboration between Alpi and Wood-Skin

The collaboration between Alpi and Wood-Skin continues. The latter is a company based on an idea of young designers, offering innovative surfaces for flexible, three-dimensional design. Alpi woods are featured in several new interior design projects by Wood-Skin, which has chosen the Alpi collections for the implementation of their original decorative systems.

Alpi Teak covers the customized folding Wood-Skin panel designed by Caroline Tissier and produced for the occasion as a decorative feature for the interior of the Neso 2 contemporary cocktail bar in Paris. Thanks to careful selection of the material, the three-dimensional Wood-Skin sculpture fits perfectly into the surroundings.

Alpi Teak – part of the Legacy series of the Wood Collection of Alpi – replicates teak wood to give rise to a warm, intriguing texture. The Legacy series brings together lost wood species and others in danger of extinction, whose use is practically forbidden, with the aim of preserving the beauty of these fine materials and creating a sustainable collection.