Thanks to the hygienizing e-mat Dom01 you can cross thresholds with greater safety

e-mat Dom01 is a hygienizing mat by Spectre for domestic use: a useful, innovative invention that exploits an everyday gesture to offer greater protection for living spaces, permitting safe access to the home. The virus emergency has contributed to boost our focus on cleanliness: e-mat Dom01 is an effective response for those seeking a tool that cleans the soles of footwear for carefree entry into the domestic environment.

The mat has an internal reservoir with hygienizing liquid. The pressure of shoes brings the liquid into the fabric, guaranteeing complete cleaning in a few seconds. The central part of the mat lets you dry the soles before entering.

The transparent cap of the reservoir enables monitoring of the level of the liquid, while the spongy fabric is easy to remove and wash by hand. From an aesthetic standpoint, e-mat Dom01 stands out for its ergonomic design. “We are satisfied with this product, which I consider a real revolution,” says Andrea Parisi, owner of Spectre Srl. “The health emergency we have been faced with in recent months calls for the invention of new, more effective methods of hygiene in the home: e-mat Dom01 changes the concept of the mat, transformed into a design accessory, for good looks with an accent on cleanliness.”

E-mat DOM01 is presently available at the website The fabrics will soon be offered in new colors for separate purchase.