A box for living, on three levels, near the Baroque city of Noto in Sicily

The interesting interior design by Salvatore Spataro has led to a new functional layout for a villa in a perspective of subtraction rather than addition. The operation has made the space more fluid, without adornments, and thus contemporary. Free to welcome parts and details created in collaboration between the architect, the client and local artisans. A few objects, but of great impact. The client wanted a single, flexible, clean space.

The core of the whole project is the living area: a luminous open space, a total white setting enhanced by large windows facing the garden, where minimalism encounters an industrial aesthetic. Not just in chromatic terms, where the neutral finishes make use of cool tones of optical white and graphite, in contrast with the bright green of the vegetation, but also materially, thanks to the encounter between surfaces that generate textures, elements in fair-face concrete and smooth, almost reflecting surfaces. A long wall in white painted MDF is decorated with a geometric pattern to create a continuum between the dining zone and the living area.

The large island kitchen is a pure, compact volume that establishes a dialogue with the space in a forceful way, leaving a graphic sign accentuated by the suspension lamps above it.

The villa is surrounded by olive trees and native Sicilian plants. The large window establishes a clear indoor-outdoor relationship.

On the second level, a studio with a custom bookcase offers a relaxing, cozy micro-environment in which to work or read, surrounded by the warmth of books and design complements, including a Lambretta scooter. A box inside a box.

At the upper level the bedroom zone and wardrobe, in walnut with built-in LED fixtures for the shelves and cabinets.

A house reorganized in a contemporary way, with great attention to detail and the tastes of the clients, balanced between minimalism and a Baroque tone that pays homage to the territory and the tradition.

Photo: Samuele Castiglione