In Upper Val di Susa, in Northen Italy, facing of a wood, a fairy-tale chalet, cozy and welcoming, was conceived as a living microcosm, lit by flaming radical veins

On the border between Italy and France, in Upper Val di Susa, nestles Folie Falò, a dreamlike mountain house facing of the forest of Claviere, designed by Sceg Architetti, a Turin architecture firm founded by the Italian-Greek couple Stefano Carera and Eirini Giannakopoulou who in his projects combines Piedmontese rationality with the Greek spirit.

An enchanting, intimate and welcoming, living microcosm designed for a family made up of two architects. The heart of the refuge is the living area where, among vintage objects, design accessories and carefully chosen Alpine details, is the flaming wooden surface Sottasass Red by Alpi, fil rouge of the entire project, which gives personality, warms and lights up Folie Falò like a bonfire (falò).

The layout of just 30 square meters contains a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom, with beds for six visitors. In this project, the studio Sceg narrates its design approach in a poetic and at the same time pragmatic way, in constant balance between functional quality and emotions, tradition and contemporary style, research and interpretation.

Every piece of furniture, every object, every fabric, every decoration is part of the design narrative.

In the living area, the bench and shelves made of Alpi Sottsass Red wood stand out. Like other ad hoc designed furnishing elements, they are both edged with elegant brass profiles. Also the delicious petit cuisine, punctuated by the Azulej ceramic collection by Mutina, which contrasts the bright red with its delicate shades that from antique pink decline into a sophisticated dusty gray.

The texture with radical-vintage references clearly attributable to Ettore Sottsass is characterized by the intensification of the almost hypnotic motif of the veins that emphasizes the vivid red tone of the wood. Like a fire that heats, Red Sottsass lights up all the rooms of the chalet with its distinctive presence: from the backrest of the wall bench in the dining area to the console in the corridor leading to the nighttime area, where the product is also used on the headboards.

Folie Falò thus reveals itself as a theatrical and fairy setting with an alpine atmosphere, intimate and warm like a glowing fire with some sparkles of burning design with cultured and vibrant echoes  ideal for life in the mountains, in all seasons.