The new showroom at Via Borgogna 7 is a place for work and contact, a flexible showcase and project gallery

The Milanese space of Cimento, a brand of Sai Industry, has been renovated by Parisotto + Formenton Architetti. Located in the Durini-San Babila design district, the space is a showroom and workspace of the latest generation.

Cimento®, a material for internal and external finishes and the company’s calling card, has been used by the designers to bring out its multiple characteristics for the covering of walls or floors, surfaces of furnishings and as a skin for more sculptural design elements. The displays feature the pieces from the Cimento© Collection created by P+F under the art direction of Aldo Parisotto and presented in a preview during Design Week in April 2019: large and small tables and seating that bring out the maximum expressive and chromatic potential of the material.

The architectural enclosure has been organized as a true resource of solutions for designers, in actual size: the various surface treatments and tactile finishes, the range of possible sizes for the panels, the options of juxtaposition and contrast are deployed on the surfaces to reveal the design opportunities offered by the material.

The basic chromatic concept is a neutral but contrasting game of blacks and grays on the vibrant surface, creating a perfect backdrop for the narration of the color component of the material (a cementitious compound made with over 90% mineral aggregate mixed with a cement-based binder), where the possibility of intervention on the neutral base with pigments permits any type of effect of shading and saturation of colors, in custom solutions for every project.

The lighting by Flos includes the Evolve collection, an indoor system created by Parisotto+Formenton, composed of ceiling, arm and rod models, inspired by the technical and industrial lighting fixtures of the 1950s.

Photos by Giulio Ghirardi.