KitchenAid presents the new Palma color and personalized bowls for stand mixers

An unusual shade of dark green, with a pattern enhanced by ripples as a reminder of the charm of wrought iron, to cover the Artisan stand mixers, toasters and teakettles by Kitchen Aid. At the center of the new Palma line, the iconic food processors offer a complete range of accessories, from functions of weighing and slicing to grinding and much more.

The new bowls are available for all tastes and all seasons: from the Tropical Floral and Pine and Berries versions, which go with the new Palma color, to the lively Confetti Sprinkle and Great Valley, the “metallic” Quilted to the sober elegance of Matte Black.

At a dedicated section of the official website, it is possible to personalize the items, transforming them into unique creations with a wide range of hues and finishes. For an even more personal touch, it is possible to add laser engraving.