The interior design of a luxury boat applied to a home: essential lines and natural materials for the new life of a house in Puglia designed by the m12 AD studio

Italian design, inspiration and manufacturing are increasingly applied to the world of luxury yachts. Discerning owners have commissioned the creation of interiors of luxurious mega yachts that reflect the intimacy of a private home. Made in Italy interior design has conquered nautical design by changing its aesthetics, increasingly linked to the creation of custom made pieces. The m12 AD studio has revolutionized this trend by applying, on the contrary, the interior design of super-luxury boats to a two-level house in Puglia.

The client asked Michelangelo Olivieri, the founding architect of the studio, to adapt a recently renovated house to the needs of a family of four, but with an unused upper floor used as a warehouse. The house required a complete redesign to allow each member of the family to have their own space, to work, study and enjoy moments of relaxation or conviviality. “We design by conducting careful research on materials, products and trends of everyday life. We select collaborations with artisans attentive to tradition but willing to experiment and experiment. We would always like to have curious, complicit and interested customers to offer ideas, suggestions and details, as close as possible to their wishes. We are certain that the difference is made in the field of choices, sometimes strong and courageous ”, explains Olivieri.

The design philosophy involved planning the environments, in search of maximum versatility, through a redesign inspired in the details, by the interiors of a yacht: elegance, simple lines, fixed structures and containers for a fluid space. The house, consisting of a living room, two bedrooms, three bathrooms and two walk-in closets, has been redesigned by making the old scores disappear and transforming each wall into a storage unit. The essentiality, also reflected in the choice of color tones, white, wood and blue, has given the project a sophisticated but at the same time relaxing, orderly and minimal look, enhancing natural light to the maximum.

The flooring, made of teak, enhances the marine style, together with the matching with the midnight blue wallpaper and the white and teak lacquer of the furniture and kitchen. The flush-to-the-wall crystal doors have enhanced the feeling of being in an environment where each element, while being fixed, seems to be connected to the adjacent one, as in a liquid space.

Ph. by Giuseppe Volpe