Success for Yesly, the all-Italian smart home, at CES Las Vegas

Yesly, the smart home made in Italy, presented at the latest edition of CES in Las Vegas by Finder, the Italian company active in the field of electronic and electromechanical components.

Yesly is a solution for automation of everyday on-off actions. Through this system it is possible to improve comfort, security and consumption, without disrupting the structure of the home. Yesly enables you to turn on, turn off and regulate lights, while controlling electric blinds with a smartphone, by installing several devices in the electrical system.

The functioning of Yesly is based on the installation of a relay in its most highly evolved version: a multifunctional Bluetooth relay capable – together with various devices – of offering control of lights and electric blinds in a simple, safe way. Finder also makes a commitment not to transfer data to third parties, protecting the information in cloud storage.

The possibility of controlling the system through wireless or voice commands simplifies use while boosting the sensation of comfort: besides connecting Yesly to the WiFi network, the Finder Gateway permits control of lights and blinds with the voice assistants of Google and Amazon.