From the historic Florentine marbled papers to the sparkle of the stars, from the frenetic impressionist brushstrokes up to the 1970s by Twiggy. The inspirations that Serena Confalonieri interprets with the new wallpaper and rug collections designed for Wall&decò and Mohebban Milano are varied and colorful (like her)

A mix of imaginative concepts with a playful yet refined approach, Serena Confalonieri, Milanese designer and art director, creates furnishings, accessories, complements, materials and/or textiles, with graphic and/or natural patterns. His projects range from objects that pay homage to the different cultures of the world to furniture with pure lines and cultured citations that – always – have a whimsical touch (of grace).

See here the drinking set Calypso designed by Serena Confalonieri

Now, in times of complicated movements between red, orange and yellow areas, Serena proposes a tactile, colorful and muffled journey, between textures and textile surfaces, variegated and colorful suggestions, with her latest collections of wallpaper and carpets designed respectively for Wall&decò and Mohebban Milano.

Hypnotic, the Starlight wallpaper collection designed by Serena for Wall&decò, recalls the textures and colors of the historic Florentine marbled papers. This wallpaper collection designed by Serena Confalonieri for Wall & Deco uses the colored waves of this pattern as a background, compressing and repeating it almost obsessively. The result is a finely textured backdrop with contrasting colors: a movement that refers to digital screens’ disturbing glitches, but also to the subtle and frenetic brushstrokes of impressionist paintings.

The idea of using star-shaped graphic elements as decoration, which reflect and enhance the colors in the background, precisely refers to this late 1800s artistic movement, and in particular to Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Rainy wallpaper collection mixes geometric designs and inspirations linked to the world of nature. In the background, a classic striped motif that hosts unexpected graphics: small circles, like drops that slide on the surface, leave a trail behind them, recalling the movement of  morning dew or shooting stars. The palette chosen for the textile surface includes soft tones and warm autumn colors: as a reference to the first rains and to the drops that land on coats.

Colors, patterns and style of the 70s are the main source of inspiration for this collection of rugs, born from the first collaboration between Serena Confalonieri and Mohebban Milano.


Hence the name of the collection, Twiggy. Icon of fashion and style, she is the first model who wore the miniskirt invented by Mary Quant with class. With her (skinny) brigh outfits, she marked the imagination of a decade, characterized by a new freedom both on a creative and social level.

The collection consists of 4 hand-tufted 100% wool rugs characterized by 4 tone-on-tone patterns, realized through different heights of the fleece, and with contrasting fringes with a particular scaled cut that gives volume and softness to this decorative element.

See here the Medulum furnishings designed by Serena Confalonieri