Through the Izipizi Studio collection, Izipizi expresses its creativity in total freedom

Izipizi Studio represents a refined universe, off the beaten track, with a permanent collection composed of classic, versatile models.

A collection that mixes the most advanced technical exploration with forceful styling. The brand demonstrates all of its creative potential through unique products that reflect its values: Happy, Easy, Open and Wahou.

The first model in the collection explores a style rather than a technique, to produce a trendy, unisex and comfortable result: Amiral, a singular name, an elegant style, but also a fresh approach with a touch of humor and character.

For this first edition, Izipizi has reinterpreted the rectangle to give more character to the frames. Slightly altering the form to make it more trapezoidal, the model accentuates its thickness in a rounded volume.

A mixture of structure and roundness that positions the model at the crossing of extra-trendy and easy-chic, with lightness. The colors are fresh and soft, for a springtime full of light. Available in Black, Club, Lobster, Shell.