The anti-coronavirus barrier Made in Italy, to block contagion between workers: Covistop

To protect people working in contact with the public is an urgent priority, especially in the time of Covid19. This is why Eurostands has created and marketed a breath barrier to limit the spread of the virus.

Designed by the architect Alessandro Ballocchi, the product is a practical, effective response on the part of one of the world’s leading players in the sector of design and production of installations to support workers in businesses that cannot stop operation in spite of the Covid19 emergency.

“In just two days we converted our factory and began to make this product,” says Maurizio Cozzani, CEO of Eurostands. "The aim was to protect our production site, finding alternatives that would permit us to keep the machines up and running in this difficult period. With the enthusiasm and commitment of the women and men who work for Eurostands, we have come up with a response in a united way.”

The breath barrier is made of plexiglass, a shatter-proof material that is 100% recyclable, resistant to impact and easy to sterilize on a daily basis. Since the product is made with a single sheet of PMMA, maintenance is easy, using non-abrasive cloths and antistatic disinfectants easily procured on the market. Furthermore, the transparency does not create the sensation of a barrier, allowing communication to flow freely.