When design comes out of its seed and goes to art, supermarkets and insurance companies

The propulsive and regenerating force of some operations that place design in alternative worlds is always interesting. It reserves surprises and democratic repercussions that do a great favor in the dissemination of the project culture.

The Design Capsule collection by Rossana Orlandi for the Esselunga Fidaty catalog is an excellent example and is on display at the gallery store in via Bandello until 10 October. For twenty-five years, the most innovative supermarket in Italy has included design products among its loyalty awards. To celebrate the anniversary Rossana Orlandi has selected 25 iconic products from past and present to be included among the prizes of the collection.

The partnership between design and insurance is even more original. Prima Assicurazioni, a tech company founded five years ago, opens Prima Cafè in Corso Garibaldi 73. For the new Milan venue, Park Associati is inspired by kinetic art in a project that changes according to the time of day.

Also for the first edition of Milano Design City to mention its hybridizations with other worlds, the experimental brand of Jumbo Group: JCP Universe. The Another Nature theme talks about landscapes from other worlds and “alien” materials, imagining to compete with a natural science fiction scenario.

Finally, the most classic art / design hybridization: the Scic store hosts a site specific installation by Alessio De Girolamo designed to dialogue with the Canossa kitchen, one of the brand's products.