A visit at Milano Design City to understand what is sustainability today

Sustainability has been a design theme for a few decades, but today it is really impossible to talk about Made in Italy without talking about reuse and circular production.

The topic is very fashionable, as well as very urgent. The aim, however, is to convert words into facts, a process in which Italian companies are very seriously committed to research and experimentation with new materials from recycling. Or with certifications, sustainability reports and investments in product redesign.

Milano Design City is also an opportunity to experience first-hand the results of this commitment and the concrete impact on the products.

Kartell loves the planet is Kartell manifesto for sustainability. It results in three new collections. Smart Wood, by Philippe Stark, introduces wood, strictly FSC certified and used in thin sheets worked in molds that allow 3D curvature to be taken to the limit.

Bio is a very innovative material, the result of Kartell research, derived from agricultural processing waste not in competition with the food industry. The final appearance of Bio is that of plastic, but it has a completely vegetable origin.

Finally Riciclato is a technopolymer derived from processing waste, which the brand is using as an alternative material.

For some years now Artemide has integrated the idea of ​​light as a protagonist in the creation of more sustainable environments for man and the planet. The technological evolution of light sources is facilitating planning that is sensitive to ecology issues. But this year is the first corporate sustainability report. Following the GRI - Global Reporting Initiative guidelines - the document declares and certifies, according to a core approach, performance indicators and measurable objectives for environmental and social sustainability.

Cassina deserves an in-depth visit for the new Perspective 2020 collection, the first result of Cassina Lab, a partnership with the Politecnico di Milano for the development of ecological materials and projects. The company has taken three directions: upholstery materials, integrated air purification systems and noise control thanks to sound absorption systems.

Definitely worth seeing is the initiative of Rossana Orlandi, RO Guiltlessplastic, who exhibits the results of the competition on the reuse of plastic at the Museum of Science and Technology alongside the thematic exhibition We are nature. Without forgetting the new Pillopipe Evo Green sofa, 100% eco-sustainable, designed by Paola Navone for Casamilano. And the Effe Yoku SH sauna / shower / Turkish bath wellness system, produced with totally environmentally friendly materials.