Warm lines and inspiration from elements present in nature for Whirlpool's W Collection Black Fiber

W Collection Black Fiber appliances by Whirlpool reflect the desire for excellent aesthetics combined with cutting-edge features and high performance. Through the fusion of minimal black stainless steel and a warm texture inspired by nature, the new Black Fiber cooking suite has already received one of the most coveted design awards in the world: the iF Design Award 2019 2019.

The new appliances in the collection include traditional oven, built-in microwave oven and the iconic free standing No Frost combination, featuring a new aesthetic: a warm, metallic black stainless steel with a soft textured satin finish. Both in the traditional oven and in the built-in microwave ovens, the large aluminum handles combine with the flush interface to create a monolithic image. The black glass surfaces reflect the environment and the glossy finish contrasts the matte black texture.

The range of ovens is designed to offer all the innovation of assisted cooking. 6th Sense technology is its heart: equipped with smart sensors, it allows you to program up to 60 different combinations. Thanks to the 6th Sense Live App, with a touch on your smartphone you can plan meals, discover new recipes and enjoy intuitive tutorials. The smart display ensures the assisted cooking experience: the new 3.5 '' color TFT display allows you to interact with the oven and programs thanks to intuitive images and simple suggestions.

Also for microwave ovens, 6th Sense technology guarantees automatic adjustment of cooking time and power level based on the selected function. With a single touch, you can cook an incredible variety of dishes in the microwave, with the help of the intuitive 3.5 '' TFT color Smart Display. Among the functions, Crisp Fry which includes up to 18 cooking combinations, ideal for frozen dishes and fresh dishes, such as seafood, meatballs and fresh vegetables. Added to this is the Steam & Boil function which saves time and effort by having a healthier cooking method, exploiting the natural power of steam. The Reheat & Defrost program distributes the waves evenly, preserving the texture, aromas and properties of the food.

The new 60 cm Double Total No Frost refrigerator offers the best technology for food preservation thanks to the cooling system and 6th Sense technology. The precise control of temperature, and above all humidity, allows you to preserve fresh fruit and vegetables while maintaining taste, texture and nutritional quality. All key controls and information displays are presented in a vertical user interface located at the top of the refrigerator door. This central element, integrated into the door, minimizes the effort of everyday interactions, thanks to intuitive controls and a black glass display. The handles have been designed to be comfortable, with high quality materials and ergonomic design that combine to offer a sense of solidity and comfort. The range offers the option of wider, easier-to-grip exterior handles or integrated handles. On premium models, the handles are made more distinctive with subtle chrome finishes.