Svenskt Tenn launches the Famna 2020 sofa designed by TAF

The design duo TAF - Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom – has created the Famna 2020 sofa with matching ottoman. A playful design that focuses on craftsmanship and sustainability.

Famna 2020 is produced by OH Sjögrens in Tranås, Sweden, which makes all the upholstered furniture of Svenskt Tenn. As for other pieces in the range, the sofa is made by hand. The legs in solid beech are shaped and then lacquered. The cushions of the seat contain sturdy spiral springs that offer exceptional comfort, reducing the quantity of polyester. The five cushions of the back all have the same size, to facilitate movement on the sofa, and feature filler made with down and synthetic material produced in Tranås. The form and proportions of the sofa have been adapted to make best use of the material, reducing waste to a minimum.

We have worked at length to combine contemporary design with classic eclecticism, constituting the base for the form. The sensation of a bed, with its warm, enveloping character, was a recurring idea for both types of cushions. The name (which means embrace) suggests the ample depth of the sofa and the low height of the seat,” the two designers explain.