DAAA Haus wins the German Design Circle Award with the project for the Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour Hotel in Malta

DAAA Haus is the Gold Winner of the German Design Circle Award in the category of Excellence in Interior Architecture. Already the winner of prizes and honors, Cugo Gran Macina Grand Harbour, a boutique hotel built in Malta in 2017, is the flagship project of the studio which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, through a series of initiatives: a gala; a range of workshops with important universities, and design talks; an exhibition of artists’ carpets designed by the studio and made in India; and a new original logo.

The structure has been transformed into a luxury hotel and contains 21 suites ranging from 40 to 130 square meters. The interiors feature clean, essential lines, high-quality materials and design furnishings. The contemporary image also conserves and enhances the historic structure. The communal spaces are intriguing, with large vaulted ceilings, plenty of natural light and a fine view of the port. The minimal design of DAAA Haus creates a refined setting, where the white walls speak volumes to generate a truly unique location.