The HI-Macs solid surface for Curve Outdoor seating in the Re:Centre of London

After the success of the Curve Bench, Nina Moeller Designs has created a new version for outdoor use, entirely made in Hi-Macs Solid Surface. Curve Outdoor shares the shapeable design of the indoor version and can be used alone or with other elements to create solutions for any type of setting.

The original seating has been designed for Re:Centre, a space for creativity and wellness in the Hammersmith district of London. The aim of the client was to create a configuration of ‘enveloping’ seating that would convey a sensation of comfort in a place devoted to rest and relaxation.

“The design of this seat is inspired by nature to provide a sense of unity,” says Nina Moeller. “Considering the success of the original Curve Bench and the desire expressed by the clientele to also see the seat in outdoor contexts, we knew we would need a material that could stand up to weathering. This is why we have relied on the properties of the Hi-Macs Solid Surface.”

Hi-Macs is the ideal material for this project because it was indispensable to shape the curves of the seat through a process of thermoforming and to have all the other qualities of the acrylic stone of the latest generation.