The colors of Boero chosen for the restyling of a villa in the greenery of Liguria

The renovation of the indoor and outdoor spaces of Villa Barbara, a single-family residence on the hills of Cogoleto, in the province of Genoa, calls for careful deployment of colors by Boero.

The project is by the architects Roberta Mezzano and Giuseppe Picasso, who have focused on the choice of suitable hues to create a pleasant space, in tune with the outdoor setting and the needs of the family.

For the 500 square meters of the interiors, the choice has gone to the I Contemporanei collection: a range of 96 low-saturation hues inspired by the natural world, referencing metropolitan styles and charming atmospheres. The colors of this collection have the ability to modify their perception depending on the light and the juxtapositions, creating surfaces that enhance the presence of furniture.