A project for sharing, in the home, of different products and the web

The Homelab consortium, created as a system by its founding partners, leading companies and associations in the home sector (Ariston Thermo, BTicino, Gruppo Elica, Indesit Company, Loccioni, MR&D Institure, Spes, Teuco Guzzini and Università Politecnico delle Marche), after two years of research, knowledge sharing and synergy strategies, presents Homelab Open World, a concrete project of sharing of information between products of different kinds, manufactured by multiple producers of goods for the home. In the perspective of a sharing economy, each product for the home will no longer be just a physical object, but also a dynamic container capable of communicating by digital means. Homelab Open World represents an example of conversation in the home between different products and the web: a simple, accessible system that starts with an initial group of products (refrigerators, ovens, ranges, hoods, washing machines, lighting and heating systems, all the way to minipools and systems of management, comfort and security), to improve quality of life. Future objectives of the Consortium include expansion of the network with new partners and their products and services. www.homelabitaly.com