Milano Design City makes room for women. Designers, artisans, project ambassadors in the events of the next few days

There aren’t many women in the history of design. And there aren’t that many in the current scenario either. It is not a topic that we talk about willingly, although the design faculties are full of girls. Therefore, events that focus on the issue of gender and product design are welcome.

Design Week has some plans: a sign of the times.

At Superstudio there is “Nelle mani delle donne“, an event dedicated to female creativity, between art, design and craftsmanship consisting of two exhibitions. Gisella Borioli is the curator of “I fiori della materia”, a collective of eight women designers who have been asked to work freely, without the usual limits of industrial design. Sabino Maria Frassà, on the other hand, is the creator of “Fragile Narcisi”: five artists reflect on the precariousness of life.

In the beautiful setting of the shop in via Maroncelli, Etel presents an international collection for women. Patricia Urquiola measures herself with her usual sensitivity with new sustainable materials. Alongside her, Etel Carmona and Ines Schertel explore a slow idea of ​​design that reconnects to the natural world.

One cannot fail to mention Rossana Orlandi, whom Esselunga has chosen as a super partes ambassador of design by entrusting her with a Capsule Collection that celebrates Fidaty’s twenty-five years. She is the creator of “RO Guiltless Plastic”, the exhibition that exhibits 120 projects selected for the RO Plastic Prize 2020 at the Museum of Science and Technology. The theme is the reuse of plastic, but in the bold and unscrupulous way of the Milanese gallery owner.