Desine, the Sicilian design brand, has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2019

An architect, designer and teacher, as an art director Vincenzo Castellana has achieved success with the Desine brand in Sicily, producing furnishings and accessories in fine wood varieties, including ebony, selected for the ADI Design Index 2019 – leading to eligibility for the next Compasso d'Oro awards – in the category of research for businesses as an innovative spin-off.

Created by the Sicilian company Dallegno in 2018, the brand produces design furnishings and accessories: functional, essential items, without frills, focusing on quality materials and sensory experience to define a style.

The accessories and furnishing complements share the factor of their materials: fine wood varieties, including ebony, also in relation to the territorial location and the local tradition of craftsmanship. In Grammichele (Catania), the company’s home, the tradition of cabinetmaking still thrives. Many of the artisans how combine advanced technologies with normal working techniques.

Various offerings of Desine bear the signature of Vincenzo Castellana, whose design combines aesthetics, functional quality and materials: Tabuli, three low tables that can be configured in a honeycomb pattern; the Reflesso mirror whose form is again determined by a grouping of hexagonal forms; Mammina, a planter-child barrier; the Oraltempo clock-table; the Brunch convertible table, which received the silver honorable mention at the European Product Design Awards in the Home Interior Products category in July 2019.