A 5-star hospitality structure in wood combines sustainability, innovation and high quality

Marlegno has created an eco-resort in the Maldives, on the island of Bathala. The recently opened structure can welcome over 200 tourists, with 24 water villas and 48 beach villas.

Bathala makes the spectacular, fragile landscape its strong point, and the Bergamo-based company has made an ‘ecological’ resort in wood, built with interlocking parts to avoid the need for glues and binders. The parts are mechanically joined, making it possible to dismantle the structure in the future without any lasting impact on the site.

The construction of an eco-resort on the Indian Ocean (designed by architect and interior designer Ettore Mocchetti) represents a true challenge in terms of logistics and context, met thanks to the collaboration of 35 specialized workers summoned from Bolgare to complete the project.