Surfaces, furnishings and high-level services combined with typical local colors for a southern Italian atmosphere

Perla Saracena, a luxury resort in Puglia facing the sea at Torre Pali, is the setting for six small villas and three suites with a panoramic upper level designed by the architecture firm Effkey helmed by Francesco Maglie and the engineer Luigi Verardi. Immersed in the Salento landscape, these residential solutions take their cue from the rural charm of the local pajare, small pearls of interior design wrapped in technological comfort. Pale, luminous rooms stand out, featuring water-blade showers for upper back massage, trompe-l’oeil Kerlite panels painted by hand, and antibacterial floors, dry stone walls, Mediterranean wood varieties, local vegetation and natural stone.

Cotto d’Este has supplied two ton-sur-ton hues of the Cement Project, chosen to clad the bathrooms of the suites. The collection establishes a rapport with the floors in cement, brushed by hand, and stands out for its gray tones and an original glossy/matte effect that gives the spaces a forceful personality. The collections of Cotto d’Este, in the context of the Perla Saracena resort, accentuate the contrast between modernity and tradition, nature and urban style, conserving harmonious continuity with the external environment.

Photo credits: Riccardo Schirinzi