An outdoor kitchen in Lapitec for a panoramic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea

The view of the coast at Praia a Mare (Cosenza) reveals an evocative image from a special vantage point: that of a hill that becomes a natural terrace. In this context, Sfera Otto Project Studio of Rome has designed an outdoor kitchen completely in Lapitec, in total harmony with the volumes and aesthetic of the residence.

The Lapitec sintered stone has been chosen to cover the kitchen – top and doors – and for the large table grafted onto one side of the kitchen itself, extending for nine meters. The result is a design of great impact that combines majestic measurements with an aesthetic lightness determined by the selected color.

Bianco Polare in the Lux finish becomes a delicate, natural chromatic feature that stands out against the colors of the lawn and the background of a wall in Greek stone, while echoing the hues and shapes of the villa.

Lapitec becomes a material in tune with the context, revealing its technical characteristics of resistance to salt air and acidity, combined with the easy cleaning that is necessary for outdoor installations.

The kitchen has a built-in sink, a range mounted flush in the worktop, and a series of drawers and refrigerator compartments, all completely carved in Lapitec. The result is an essential, clean look that hones functional quality, in a setting for informal but refined dining and socializing.