At Meda, in Brianza, an example of how digital breadth can help the growth of a business model

At Meda, founding of Dream Design by BertO: creative workshops where craftsmanship based on centuries of tradition gives form to projects that do not yet exist. Sofas, chairs, beds and furnishing complements become objects of desire.

The company helmed by Filippo Berto has been a pioneer of digital transformation in Italy with its Laboratorio del Racconto, which through the potential of the web transmits its story to the world, a story of craftsmanship and handiwork. Everything began with the creation of the first Italian blog on the theme of design, followed by the first YouTube channel on décor, reaching the point of over 2 million views, and then the use of the social networks.

The web has allowed BertO to narrate stories and procedures hidden behind the creation of an object of desire that springs from the style of Made in Italy and expands toward foreign markets like Shanghai, the United States (with points of sale in New York), Russia and the emerging nations.

The company has become an Italian case study, often discussed in universities, professional associations and by Google, which has underlined the fact that BertO “makes the identity and personality of a small company visible to the world, with its ability to produce, personalize and implement prototypes and one-offs of great quality.” Not just a success story, but the emblem of what digital reach can do for a growing business model.