Kohler presents refined details and immersive experiences at Milano Design Week 2019

A theatrical experiential setting for Kohler Co. in the internal courtyard of Palazzo del Senato, near the fashion quad, during Milano Design Week 2019.

The historic American producer of facings, technologies and products for the bathroom and kitchen, but above all a global lifestyle brand, presented Experiential Luxury, an exclusive immersive voyage indicating the perspective for 2019, the concept on which all the collections will be based, along with the prestigious design events where Kohler will be a participant during the course of the year.

In the products by Kohler, in fact, design, materials, finishes, colors and innovative technologies form a coherent whole, generating a luxury experience that involves all the senses. The added value lies in sophisticated details that permit personalized design expressions.

Set up in the typically Milanese courtyard of the majestic building at Via Senato 10, both the outdoor space equipped with an elegant cafe and the indoor area paced by various dynamic luxury settings featured products to underscore the manufacturing prowess of Kohler, which is able to combine refined design and functional quality in innovative solutions on the cutting edge of technology.

A portal welcomed visitors into a sort of digital garden, where intelligent hygienic services and shower systems were surrounded by games of light, music, fountains and vapors, stimulating sight, hearing and curiosity.

Two categories were on display: Smart Home, which offers an engaging experience, and Color, Material, Finish, which makes it possible to create personalized solutions.

The wide range of Smart Home products by Kohler permits creation of innovative, avant-garde, intelligent bathrooms: every element – shower, tub, toilet, faucet, mirror – is connected to the others and to the user to offer experiential voyages.

Furthermore, with a complete range of colors, finishes and graphics, Kohler enables the formulation of products – and entire bathrooms  with a tailor-made approach for great decorative impact.