A photographer, seven shots, seven writers and seven actors united in a fascinating epistolary project that aims to tell photography – at a distance – through words, written and interpreted. At the center is the house, shape and measure of all things

An ‘correspondence project takes place in which photography is intertwined with writing and theater.

A photographer, seven writers and seven actors united in a project that, unable to be set up in the presence due to the pandemic, aims to tell photography through words, written and interpreted. With the use of different media  the image, the written page, the podcast – and languages – photographic, literary and theatrical – , the initiative, promoted by the Other Size Gallery by Workness, offers the public an alternative experience to the traditional exhibition and becomes a meeting ground between different arts. in a complicated historical moment for culture.

By not opening exhibitions in presence until 2021, the Milanese gallery has taken up the challenge: to promote  through transversal creative tools, innovative and at the same time full of memory  cultural initiatives at a distance, always linked by the fil rouge of photographic language.

Monographic and at the same time plural, the Ezio Ferreri. Le stanze initiative, curated by Giusi Affronti and with the artistic direction of Eleonora Caracciolo, involved seven leading authors of the Italian scene – Marco Balzano, Gioacchino Lonobile, Tommaso Melilli, Laura Pugno, Nadia Terranova, Michele Turazzi and Gianni Valentino – and as many actors – Daniela Airoldi Bianchi, Elisa Canfora, Valeria Sara Costantin, Sacha Oliviero, Marco Pezza, Dario Villa and the artistic director of the Teatro Officina Massimo de Vita.

Seven shots by the photographer Ezio Ferreri were therefore delivered to the pen and imagination of the authors so that they could become the inspiration for seven epistolary stories. Subsequently, with the coordination of Enzo Biscardi, the texts produced were entrusted to the interpretation of the actors and recorded in micro-podcasts.

Each photograph, together with the author's letter and the podcast, will be distributed through a weekly newsletter for seven weeks. Anyone wishing to receive it can request it by writing an e-mail to: othersizegallery@workness.it. Since these are epistolary stories, the public is invited to respond with their own letter to be sent by e-mail or, more nostalgically, in paper format to the gallery, in via Andrea Maffei 1, 20135, Milan.

The series Le Stanze (the Rooms) by Ezio Ferreri consists of interior images of apartments that were once lived and animated, but now uninhabited, where traces remain, sometimes visible, sometimes evanescent, of those who spent their lives there.

The house is at the center of the photographer's work as it has been for all of us during the course of this year due to the containment measures: at home, we work, cultivate relationships, spend free time. The furnishings, objects and furnishings mark our daily life.

“Each of the seven photographs retains a story like many others” explains the curator “which becomes a universal investigation. Leading actress, the house, is the protagonist in flesh, bone and silhouettes of old faded frames on the walls; it is a nostalgic space, vivid bare, yet spied on like a body on an operating table; it is the form and measure of all things, where everything is memory”.