Laying of the cornerstone for the new Sanpellegrino facility

For the 120th anniversary of Sanpellegrino mineral water, work is beginning on a new plant of one of the world’s best-known Italian brands. A mixture of design, innovation and environmental and social sustainability by the Danish starchitect Bjarke Ingels. The project, slated for completion in 2022, calls for an overall investment of 90 million euros, including civil works, production and logistics facilities, as well as the restyling and expansion of the factory.

The first stone of the Factory of the Future launches us officially into the future,” says Federico Sarzi Braga, AD of Gruppo Sanpellegrino, “with a gem of design and innovation that will attract tourists from around the world. The philosophy with which the new structure has been created represents the best values of the brand and the commitment of a company that is an ambassador of Made in Italy: to narrate an extraordinary local resource, Sanpellegrino mineral w

The Factory of the Future of Sanpellegrino is a project by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), the internationally acclaimed architecture firm that has developed a design with modern lines, linking back to the local Art Nouveau tradition. Arches in fair-face concrete frame the factory, offering new views of the Orobic Alps. The new road system and access bridge reduce the transit of heavy trucking in the town center. Furthermore, the presence of photovoltaic panels, high-efficiency energy systems and methods of recovery of rainwater for rational consumption all represent concrete initiatives in tune with corporate policies of sustainability and environmental protection.

The project concept is based on the logistical and productive activities of the site, balanced with facilities to welcome visitors from all over the world, contributing to make Val Brembana a tourist attraction. The glass surfaces covering the exterior symbolically represent the various physical states of water. The everyday wellbeing of employees will be increased thanks to the complete renovation of the offices and dressing rooms, the creation of a new corporate dining hall, a new break area and a gymnasium.