To offer a new and surprising image of Germany in every single facet of the exhibition: open, friendly, witty. This is the idea conveyed by the German pavilion at Expo Milano 2015.

Produced by Nüssli, the pavilion – in the aesthetic of its architectural forms – transmits a clear position regarding to need to build according to principals of sustainability and respect for resources.

Thanks to modern tensile structures in fabric membrane and steel, temporary works of architecture offer a chance to use very light configurations that also reduce the use of materials.

For example, the pavilion avoids the use of an entirely closed external wall. Climate control happens in a completely natural way, without consuming energy.

The central feature of the design of the German pavilion is that of the idea sprouts, stylized plants that grow from the display space, spreading into a large roof of leaves that offers shade. Upon closer observation, the leaves reveal their unusual photovoltaic technology.

The electrical energy produced during the day is stored in a system at the base of the five idea sprouts and powers a ring of high-efficiency LED lights, shining up at the solar trees from the base at night. For more information see the website:



gallery gallery
German Pavilion Expo 2015 Milano - Solar Trees - Landscape Level (April 2015 - noch im Bau befindlich) Deutscher Pavillon Expo 2015 - Solar Trees - Landschaftsebene (April 2015 - still under construction)
gallery gallery
Deutscher Pavillon Expo Milano 2015 : Fasssade German Pavilion Expo Milano 2015: Facade
gallery gallery
Deutscher Pavillon Expo Milano 2015 (April 2015 - Baustelle): Landschaftsebene / Solar Trees German Pavilion Expo Milano 2015 (April 2015 - Construction site): Landscape Level / Solar Trees