Stefano Arienti, Pierpaolo Campanini, Maurizio Mercuri Until 7 March 2020 - Palazzo Vizzani - Bologna

At Palazzo Vizzani in Bologna, Via Santo Stefano 43, the exhibition Filigrana presents a dialogue between works – many never shown elsewhere – by Stefano Arienti, Pierpaolo Campanini and Maurizio Mercuri, curated by Fulvio Chimento.

The idea of involving Arienti, Campanini and Mercuri in the exhibition created for the 18th-century spaces of Palazzo Vizzani has the aim of creating an exhibition pathway of theoretical and aesthetic impact. Filigree, the age-old technique of imprints on paper visible only by transparency, against the light, links back to the precious skills of artistic research, while conveying the spirit of a work of art that can display itself or remain latent, waiting for a critical act capable of bringing it to lif

Filigree is the expression of a stratification of meaning, of a present on which an unintentional process of conservation/disintegration is exercised by time, which has permitted the spaces of Palazzo Vizzani (now under the artistic direction of Camilla Sanguinetti) to remain intact in their essence.