Art, design and crafts intertwine to convey all the enchantment offered by Africa

Art Twenty One, Lagos (Nigeria)

Until March 2020

Floor One 9 is a special exhibition involving artists, artisans and designers from Africa, or working there, with the goal of creating shared spaces in which pieces of contemporary art and design furnishings interact to give rise to solutions for living and working based on captivating, vivid interior design.

The exhibition pays tribute to Africa by demonstrating its versatile range of talents, layered identities and innovative ideas of creative personalities who make colorful, lively works, portraits, objects and furnishings, collaborating to generate novel solutions.

A review of the wonders of the African continent, and a challenge to its cultural and social dynamics, Floor One 9 presents 19 creative talents, all linked to the African context in one way or another, and all fully involved in the collaborative project. Each of them is the expression of heritage of culture, knowledge and experience, translated into forms of art and design.

With paintings and photographs, decorative objects and contemporary furnishings, the show conveys the enchantment of Africa, demonstrating that identity is the result of stratification, and the deeper the surface, the more possible it becomes to find one’s place, one’s culture, oneself.

Art Twenty One is an innovative space for contemporary art and design founded in 2013 by Caline Chagoury Moudaber to contribute to the consolidation of the growing art scene in Lagos, which in recent years has become an important center of cultural reference for the African continent.

Art Twenty One presents and promotes contemporary art, functioning as a catalyst for new projects, supporting the growth of local artists, and encouraging interaction with international cultural realities.