Important achievement for Florim: it has obtained – first among ceramic companies – the B Corp certification confirming the company’s recent progress in its path toward genuine sustainability. More than a finish line, a starting point

In December 2020, Florim obtained B Corp certification, confirming the company’s recent progress in its path toward genuine sustainability.

An extraordinary achievement, particularly for a manufacturing company in a highly energy and resource dependent market such as that of ceramics. The B Corp certification was achieved as the result of an ongoing process begun some time ago, the main stages of which involved the company's transformation to a Benefit Corporation in March 2020, and the adoption of new articles of association amending the business purpose, introducing the commitment to produce, in addition to profit for shareholders, also a positive impact on the environment, territory and community.

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“For us, the transition to a Benefit Corporation was simply the formalisation of a course we have been pursuing for several years now” explains Claudio Lucchese, Chairman of Florim. “The inclusion of actions in the company strategy designed to improve our environmental impact and provide support to employees and territories is part of the way we've been doing business since well before the concept of sustainability became widespread. We celebrate this important acknowledgement as a seal of our genuine commitment, not as the end point, but rather as a stimulus for the future”.

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The Chairman’s words are supported by clear facts and numbers: 45 million Euros invested by Florim in green actions and technology since 2012; 45,000 mq of photovoltaic panels (which generate electrical power for the Italian plants); 100% recycling of wastewater, scraps and raw production waste.

Not to mention partnerships with the Sassuolo Hospital and Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, in support of health, beauty and art, as well as activities to support youths and the community promoted by the Giovanni Lucchese Foundation. In addition to these choices, more than 20 international certifications and the publication of a Sustainability Report since 2008.

This recognition was the culmination of a scrupulous process of analysis and evaluation by B Lab, the US non-profit organisation currently active on a global scale and responsible for promoting the B Corp model. Florim Italia obtained a score of 98.1, while the group, inclusive of its American partner company, obtained a score of 90.9. This is an excellent result ranking among the highest in the manufacturing/industrial sector and significantly exceeding the minimum score of 80 points, necessary to be awarded B Corp status. The latter is the limit score indicating a company’s ability to generate profit in a socially responsible manner, effectively restoring value to the community. 

B Corp companies represent an evolved paradigm of doing business, already embedded in Florim’s DNA, based on the commitment to operate with the aim of generating a positive impact on the environment, people and the community, in addition to economic results. Florim thus joins the movement currently active in more than 74 countries and made up of another 3,700 B Corp companies, which all operate in line with a regenerative paradigm, that is, with the aim of contributing to creating a better society and world through their business. B Corp sustainability standards are recognised for their excellence, allowing the identification of companies that effectively create shared and long-lasting values.

This result was also achieved thanks to the support of Nativa, the sustainable innovation company dedicated to furthering the positive transformation of economic models, which will continue to support Florim in its strategic path toward improving its sustainability profile over the next few months.

Florim represents an absolute example of excellence” explains Eric Ezechieli, co-founder of Nativa stated. The company's decision to become a Benefit Corporation coincided with its commitment to vie with B Corp standards (Benefit Impact Assessment - BIA), recognised throughout the world as the most reliable in assessing the creation of social, environmental and economic value. Florim is an example for the entire ceramics industry and a guiding light toward the indispensable sustainable evolution of all Made in Italy”.

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Not a finish line, therefore, but for Florim it starting point toward even greater sustainability.