Bio-fireplaces and electric stoves to respond to the needs of those who want a true hearth, without limits

MaisonFire offers the possibility of the magic of flames in any type of residence, even an urban apartment, thanks to electric fireplaces that run on water or bio-ethanol: functional solutions with countless advantages.

Electric water-based fireplaces are covered by a patent by an Irish multinational, for which MaisonFire holds the exclusive for the Italian market. Thanks to ultrasound technology, they emit steam which lit by special colored LED lamps replicates the magic of burning wood, even with the sound of crackling flames in many versions.

The bio-fireplaces, on the other hand, use a bio-ethanol burner. The combustion produces no smoke, fumes or odors, but only CO2, water vapor and heat, with no risks for health or the environment. No special permits are required for installation, nor is a chimney needed – just proper ventilation of the spaces where they are used.