Italian brand launched in 2015 by Edoardo Giaroli, architect and designer, Letasca blends functionality and aesthetics in a garment with a strong identity, interpreting contemporary menswear with an attitude that combines form and function

With the FW 20/21 collection, Letasca continues its exploration in the world of fashion, narrating itself through a formal and functional language that translates the breath of those who travel and explore the city with their hands free. A total look that takes the place of the accessory: the pockets (small, large or very large) can contain objects and characterize the garment. Fusion, contamination, architecture, travel, rigor of geometric balances and creativity give life to jackets, vests, sweatshirts and trousers with the expressive potential that define the collection.

Jackets of different lengths, from the waist to the knee, proposed with and without hoods, gilets with different designs, sweatshirts with a fit over, characterized by new and functional details at the same time. Elaborate prints, elasticated straps, personalized labels, distinctive signs that are once again the expression of a free attitude and an identity value. The materials of choice are technical and performing, declined in the brand's iconic colors such as black, military green, dark blue and ice gray, combined and strengthened with shades of copper, camel and petrol blue.

The magnetic tech accessories choose matte black, in contrast with drawstring cords in orange. Bags and accessories are also unconventional, invariably offered in drip-proof technical material and obviously equipped with pockets.