A variety of codes where different forms and textures mix with rounded, oversized geometric lines, in a dialogue through new collections and new moods that explore the boundaries of hybridization.

The spaces offered by Mascheroni are generated by the juxtaposition of pieces, materials and new types of workmanship that demonstrate a unique approach to design and creativity rather than a particular form of expression or style.

Experience and the knowledge of materials, working methods and solutions to the intrinsic problems of the product, combined with constant investment in research and development, guarantee the value of the products and their durability over time.

Leathers tanned so as to leave all the natural characteristics intact, preserving their excellence, including the signs of life of the animals, such as wrinkles and differences of grain. These factors point to the natural quality of the product. The corporate mission is to optimize the use and crafting of leather, avoiding the insertion of these “signs” on the visible parts.