Museo del Novecento - Piazza Duomo 8, Milan
Curated by Martina Corgnati - Until February 14, 2021

The exhibition marks the return of Franco Guerzoni to the city where some of his main exhibitions took place, and continues the investigation conducted by the museum on the protagonists and movements that marked the Italian art scene in the second half of the twentieth century.

On the fourth floor of the Museo del Novecento, there will be mainly exhibited works created by the artist in the last decade: an itinerary around the wall, a topos for Guerzoni. Old and peeling walls, rich in plaster and swelling, precarious due to cracks, scratches, outcrops, molds and saltpetre, are the first protagonists, at the beginning, of photographic shots used as a support for his work; then they will be evoked on the canvas: palimpsest-walls with multiple, evocative outcrops on which all the sophisticated personal archeology of the Modenese artist is articulated.

The images, real or simulated ruins and suggestively reconstructed through painting, will be placed in dialogue with works from the early 70s born from the collaboration with photographer friends Luigi Ghirri and Franco Vaccari. The exhibition will continue with Franco Guerzoni's latest research entitled Glimpse: small rooms of chalky material that float like open books, but whose image is hidden, precisely "stolen" from the observer's gaze.

These works will be accompanied by the book-works that have marked Guerzoni's itinerary since the 1970s: from the Book of Dreams of 2009 to the Ideal Museum of 2013. Books not only to look at but to "act", precious in their rarity, which contain reflections of the many poets, critics and writers, friends who have always followed the artist's path.

In the exhibition, a showcase is reserved for a labyrinth of photographic sequences, often unpublished, which tell about projects and aspirations dating back to his restless origins that the artist calls Unresolved the unripe and tender fruit of his entry into artistic research. Finally, a video, made for the occasion by Eva Marisaldi and Enrico Serotti, will describe Guerzoni's work as a whole in exemplary stages and with irony, affection and rigor.

The exhibition will be enriched by a volume, published by Skira, with images of the works on display, texts by the curator Martina Corgnati and Adele Ghirri and useful materials to deepen the artist's work with a reconstruction of the ten-year and important relationship he had with Milan, home to exhibitions, important galleries in the history of Guerzoni, as well as adventures and decisive encounters.