On the hills in the Marches, with a fine view of the Adriatic coast, a residence that features the most advanced Vimar technology

Management of comfort, energy, temperature and lighting, video intercoms, surveillance cameras, curtains and blinds: synergic built-in functions offered by the By-me home automation system.

The choice has gone to Vimar and its systems because they permit coordination of all these functions, managed in a simple, effective way from a single point, a multimedia video touchscreen placed in the living area.

A central control panel through which all the electric devices in the various rooms can be supervised, preventing the need to turn individual lights on and off, room by room. It is also possible to adjust the temperature of every space, while receiving detailed information on energy and water consumption.

The multimedia video touchscreen also functions as an internal video intercom station, communicating with an outdoor Pixel panel to provide a view of visitors at the entrance. The connection with the various Elvox TVCC cameras – located inside and outside the home – offers direct and 360-degree viewing of all spaces. The combination of By-me with the By-alarm system guarantees total protection against burglary.