The home as a theater to develop inspirations, visions and emotions. A video by Gallotti&Radice stages two ways of life in which the lowest common denominator is design.

What do we miss most in this complicated and uncertain period? The warmth of a hug, contact with nature, the pleasure of authentic beauty without mannerisms. Design can give us all this but often, when it is told, it gets stuck in an aura of courtesy and coldness, proud of its perfection.

This video (see below) by Gallotti & Radice, shot on Lake Como, changes the register of communication, opening a window on two homes and two lifestyles - one classic and one contemporary - but uniting them through the red thread of human contact , embracing and caring for ourselves and our loved ones. Design is the silent protagonist of these two stories, the creator of the perfect set to live a collected but meaningful life. The creator of that pinch of happiness that, especially today, can make the difference.

The house that emerges from Homescapes is a theater of memories, desires and daily gestures that are at the center of our life. A place that reminds us that we are the scenographers of our home oasis.