BT Group R152 Pergosquare, the outdoor expression of harmony between impalpable lightness and structural comfort

Styling that suggests the waves of the sea and structural rigor are the key factors of R152 Pergosquare by BT Group, the outdoor pergola designed to create zones of shade in the name of total comfort and functional quality.

In this solution slender geometric lines balance out the structural solidity in pursuit of the company’s characteristic ergonomic design and durability. R152 Pergosquare by BT Group offers high performance, making it possible to create theatrical effects while blending into the spaces of everyday life.

The self-supporting structure has a motor and radio controls by request. The structural sections in extruded aluminium, measuring 130×130 mm, are joined by brackets in coated steel.

The mobile roof, a striped sheet of flameproof PVC fabric, is ideal for protection from sunlight and rain. The separate sheets that protect the pergola have a double lateral slope to drain off water.