In the new concept of green living in Milan, greenhouses placed on terraces of individual housing units become extensions of the apartment

Giardini d’Inverno, the zero-impact residential development being completed in Milan at Via G. B. Pirelli 33, slated to be finished in the summer, is a real estate project organized by China Investment in collaboration with BNP Paribas as the commercial partner, and designed by the architecture firm Caputo Partnership International. Three buildings provide the total volume; 15 above-ground floors (16 with the ground floor) and six basements, for a total of about 13,000 square meters and 91 flats.

The interiors are by Poliform: the apartments come with a Poliform Kitchen with quartzite counters, lacquered cabinets and appliances of the latest generation by Miele. By request, all the fixed furnishings – wardrobes and bathrooms – can be designed by the Poliform staff for each apartment.

The key feature of the project is the presence of Greenhouses: 110 gardens designed and built in collaboration with Peverelli. This choice puts nature at the center of a wider-ranging philosophy of living. The 110 greenhouses have been designed to contain a wide range of species, thanks to an enclosure made of glass slats that can be opened.

The inhabitants of Giardini d’Inverno can choose the types of plants from a listing, including three different typologies: small trees/large shrubs, including citrus trees; evergreen and flowering shrubs, like Abelia Rupestris or Spiraea Alpina; evergreen and floral ground cover. There are over 10 preselected menus: Aromas of Sicily, Lemons and colors, White yellow and lilac, Romantic Milan, Blossoming citrus, Strawberry tree, Pomegranate, Mediterranean brush, Summer colors, Tribute to the East.

To ensure perfect results, the possible combinations of plants have been defined in relation to technical and botanical parameters, the climate of the city and the exposure of the terraces.